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Main research interests


  • Atmospheres (chromospheres and above) of cool, evolved stars: AGB stars, K- and M-type red giant and supergiant stars

  • Mass loss & stellar parameters (evolved stars, massive stars)

  • SNe and dust formation in nearby galaxies

  • Applied AI (Machine Learning and Neural Networks) to exoplanet detection

  • Cosmic dust & Circumstellar environments 

  • Microlensing

  • Stellar evolution​

  • High-angular resolution optical interferometry (VLTI, CHARA)

  • Aperture masking (Keck)

  • Radio/sub-mm interferometry (ALMA, IRAM)

  • Space missions development​: AeSI, JUStIINE, CLEoPATRA

  • Ground-base telescopes science case development (CHARA/SPICA)

  • Space interferometry

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