When not looking up, you can find me:

  • Somewhere around the world, attending meetings/conferences hearing about great science,                                           giving talk, and doing what I enjoy the most: science!

  • Contributing to public outreach, activity which I love!

  • Playing my piano and guitar, and singing sometimes... did you ever attend an AGB after-conference-


  • Doing sport. Volleyball: one of my (never ending) passion. Running: since moving to Vienna has helped me burning out the PhD stress - I did my first half-marathon in 2015. The closeness with the Alps, facilitated me in continuing another great passion: skiing!

  • I enjoy every kind of Art very much! There is an infinity of worlds that we can discover through it: from losing the mind observing paintings, to photographing, passing through reading, and writing. Can we consider also cooking an art? :)

  • I wish I could have more time to learn about philosophy (I love this - in Italian), in particular of science. It is so fascinating to me to understand how our thinking was born, and the way our scientific thought has developed.

  • Describing me briefly? Nomen omen: Gioia. Ah, and probably you have already noticed that I embrace & enjoy every tint of purple

Press releases:

My favorite links:


ADS (search for scientific articles)

APOD (astronomy picture of the day)

ESO Archive page (for professional astronomers)

New on Arxiv (scientific astrophysical papers)